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We offer three certificates: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. The graphs below will explain
the cost and time involved (time is dependent on the trainee).

The Basic Certificate is an overview of how to care for people, particularly women in hard places. These are out-sourced programs which teach listening skills, crisis care, the effect of trauma on the whole person, and the Holy Spirit’s role in healing. Hands that Heal and Agape International are anti-trafficking-specific courses, but are helpful in understanding sexual trauma in general. Lydia Discipleship Ministries’ counseling course contains training on DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) and SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse). Church Cares empowers teams and individuals to know how to care when abuse surfaces. The Empower Program deals with mental health issues and forgiveness. This certificate also includes four books that are required reading. They are excellent resources on healthy sexuality, sexual abuse, shame, and the heart of God in our suffering. The Basic Certificate is an excellent course for any pastor’s wife, women’s mentor, missionary, or caregiver.

The Intermediate Certificate contains everything included in the Basic, with the addition of four required courses. Equipped to Serve teaches crisis pregnancy care and post-abortion support. The AHA Foundation course brings understanding to challenges specific to Islamic women, and two courses from Light University delve more fully into the complexity of trauma. There are also two additional books on counseling survivors of sexual abuse and how to combat Satanic strongholds. The Intermediate Certificate is invaluable for the person working cross-culturally, in crisis pregnancy centers, or interested in long-term ministry among women.

The Advanced Certificate includes all the above, but also requires courses at a Bible School, preferably a minimum of six weeks. We suggest Elnora Bible Institute in Elnora, Indiana or Sharon Bible Institute in Harrisonville, Pennsylvania. If you have already attended one of these or elsewhere, please contact us for the possibility of using past credit toward your Advanced Certificate. Also required is the Long Term Orientation offered at the Missions Training Center in New York City under Destinations International. The Advanced Certificate gives excellent preparation for the long-term worker cross-culturally and should be the standard for missionaries going on the field to work with women at risk.

We invite you to read the descriptions of each course under the curriculum tab to help you decide which certificate best fits your need. If you start with the Basic and decide to pursue the Intermediate or Advanced, you may switch at any time. Each certificate builds upon the previous one.

A Christ-Centered approach to working with victims of trauma.