Thank you for your interest in Restore Training. The 2023 term is full, but the 2024 term application will open from December 1, 2023-February 1, 2024. Please note that the application will close earlier if all of the term openings are filled. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Course Information

Suggestions and descriptions for the recommended courses.

Hands that Heal

A guide to Christian restoration and reintegration for survivors of trafficking. A three-day event will be attended by trainees, hosted by FAAST International and the Restore Team. Click the button down below to visit their website.

Empower Program

Originally launched at the Pabo refugee camp in northern Uganda, the program was established on the findings of years of professional clinical trials and sound Biblical doctrine and has gone on to form a unique results-based approach to tackling mental health issues. Online edition-- 12 video sessions with printable workbook.

Agape International Ministries

AIM offers a 7-session, free online sex trafficking prevention workshop written and taught by Clayton & Emily Butler. This course is designed to help you move from awareness to action on this global problem. It will equip you to learn about ways you can prevent sex trafficking and make a difference in your own community. Click the button below to visit their website.

Lydia Discipleship Ministries

This online training by Dr. Alaine Pakkala focuses on DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), The Role of Discipleship, and Spiritual Warfare. Click on the button below to visit their website.

Light University

A leader in Certificate and Diploma based Christian Counseling education. The online course requirements include:

Crisis Response and Trauma Care 101 - This course is designed to equip those who are working on the frontlines with people undergoing traumatic crises. Addressing relevant issues such as suicide, PTSD, death notification, and related topics, this course will teach caregivers how to effectively handle crisis situations from a biblical perspective.

Crisis Response and Trauma Care 201 - This course is designed to help caregivers working with clients experiencing extreme stress, grief, and traumatic loss. Acute Stress, Grief, and Trauma Care provides in-depth training on how to work with trauma survivors, those experiencing complicated grief, and other forms of crisis counseling.

More information can be found on their website.

Equipped to Serve

A training manual for crisis pregnancy care and post-abortion support. This manual is done through self-study and widely used for volunteer trainings in crisis pregnancy centers. The button below will take you to their website.

AHA Foundation

Understanding women from Islamic countries, specifically addressing female genital mutilation (FGM), forced marriages, and gender violence. This is a free, online course compiled by Ayaan Hersi Ali, a survivor of FGM. The button below will take you to their website.


The Elnora Bible Institute is located in Elnora, Indiana. They offer two six week terms, both offering a variety of different classes. A wonderful place to focus on bible study and learning discipleship. Click the button below to be taken to their website for more information.

Suggested Courses:

Third term: 'Doubt and Defense' and 'Knowing God'
Fourth term: 'Biblical Womanhood' and 'God’s Unfolding Story'


Sharon Mennonite Bible Institute is located in Harrisonville, Pennsylvania and offers six weeks of focused bible study and discipleship. Push the button below to visit their website for more information.

Suggested Courses:

Third term: Missiology & Acts
Fourth term: Issues in Anabaptist Missions and Life of Christ

Ministry Training Center

The Ministry Training Center offers six weeks of general missions training using the Perspectives manual and focusing on team building, language learning, and a one-week introduction to counseling. For more information click the button below to visit the official MTC website.

Required Reading

1. Rethinking Sexuality, Juli Slattery
2. Released from Shame, Sandra Wilson
3. Healing the Wounded Heart, Dan Allender
4. Bondage Breaker, Neil Anderson
5. Counseling Survivors of Sexual Abuse, Diane Langberg
6. Suffering and the Heart of God, Diane Langberg

A 3-paragraph (minimum) response paper will be required after reading each book. An introduction to the book, a summary of the book’s contents, and your personal response to what you learned is the expected outline.

Two 2500 word essays will also be required on suggested topics:

1. Suffering and the Heart of God
2. Theodicy: the study of the goodness of God in relation to evil
3. The Link between Pornography and Trafficking
4. Godly Sexuality and Womanhood
5. Preventing Trafficking in North America
6. Hospitality: Making Room for the Vulnerable
7. The Church's Role in Healing

Additional Resources


Vanguard University’s Certificate in Human Trafficking

American Association of Christian Counselors/Light University

Global Trauma Recovery Institute, Dr. Diane Langberg

Certificate in Spiritual Direction, Larry Crab, New Way Ministries

Life Ministries Counseling Certificate


Anabaptist Symposium

Encounter for Women (Like on Facebook and Instagram)

American Association of Christian Counselors Annual Conference (Like on Facebook)

Restore NYC trainings


Counseling/Sexual Trauma:
Broken Children, Grown Up Pain, Paul Hegstrom
Living from the Heart Jesus Gave You, E. James Wilder
The Gift of Pain, Paul Brand
Healing for Damaged Emotions, David Seamans
Understanding People, Larry Crabb
Hush, Nicole Braddock Bromley
Breathe, Nicole Bromley
On the Threshold of Hope, Dianne Langberg
In our Lives First, Dianne Langberg
The Wounded Heart, Dan Allender
Crisis Counseling, Norman Wright

Sex Trafficking/Prostitution:
SOLD, by Patricia Mccormick
Escaping the Devil’s Bedroom, Dawn Herzog Jewel
Not For Sale, David Batstone
The Slave Across the Street, Flores
Hooked, Mcilhaney and Bush
The Last Girl Nadia Murad
The Girl Who Escaped ISIS Farida Khalaf

Crisis Pregnancy:
Survivor Moms, Mickey Sperlich
When Survivors Give Birth, Penny Simkin
Pro Choice Answers to Pro Life Arguments, Randy Alcorn

Spiritual Warfare:
The Adversary, Mark Bubeck

Anti Trafficking Organizations/resources:

Shared Hope International
Exodus Cry
AIM anti-trafficking
Rescue Freedom
Destiny Rescue
FAAST International
International Justice Mission
Love 146
Polaris Project

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